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Flavourful, fun food to please even the pickiest eaters

We love school meals, and we want young people to, too. Gone are the days of bland, sloppy school dinners; we’re always whipping up fun, nutritious dishes to fill children's tummies and fuel young minds.

This content hub is full of ideas, information and inspiration to help you learn more about the food we serve today to pupils from reception through to sixth form. 

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Variety is the spice of life

From classic home comforts to globally-inspired cuisine, pupils and students are treated to various moreish menu options today.

These menus are crafted not just to give children and teens what they want but also what they need - transforming typical, everyday school dining hall dishes into diverse, taste-driven experiences that can form healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

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Considered menus for growth and development

It's not just about dishing out incredible food; it's about a commitment to positively impacting the wellbeing of the next generation. Understanding what children and teens need to grow up strong and healthy requires more consideration and planning than ever before.

Fuelled by a science-backed approach, we scrutinise every detail of our school and education catering services, paying as much attention to the nutritional profiles of our ingredients as the journey they took to get there. 

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Making safe, communal dining a reality for children

Creating a positive and inclusive environment for children and teens with special dietary needs is a top priority.

We understand that parents and teachers may have concerns about food safety at school, and we want to assure you that our team of medical diet nutritionists are on hand to ensure that meals are not only safe but also delicious and enjoyable. 

These medical diet specialists work closely with culinary to craft bespoke menus that accommodate allergies, intolerances and specific health conditions.

We believe every child should be able to be a part of and enjoy communal dining, and we are committed to making that a reality.

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